About the WBPCN


What is a Primary Care Network?

A Primary Care Network, or PCN, is a collaborative team of healthcare providers led by a group of Family Physicians. The Wood Buffalo PCN was established by Fort McMurray's Family Physicians in 2006 to increase access to primary care for local residents, and to develop and deliver comprehensive chronic disease management and preventative care programs. Our programs are open to patients with valid Alberta health insurance (your Health card) who have been referred by their Family Physician. There are currently 43 PCNs across Alberta.

If you live in Fort McMurray, we're here for you and your family's healthcare needs, whether you have just moved here or have been here for years.


Who is a part of my Primary Care Network team?

Every Family Physician in Fort McMurray is a member of the Wood Buffalo PCN. The PCN maintains a Central Clinic team comprised of allied health professionals, and administrative staff, that both help to support quality improvement efforts in local family practice clinics, and also to deliver health care services for patients who have been identified as in need of comprehensive care by their family physician. The services of the WBPCN Central Clinic are provided as an extension of your Family Physician's clinic - all of our services are integrated with the care that you are already receiving from your doctor, and our Central Clinic clinicians communicate regularly with your doctor regarding your care plan. Even though your Family Doctor's Clinic and the WBPCN Central Clinic are in different locations, we are all still one united team.


Clinic Locations:

WBPCN - Central Clinic (780-714-2193)

#301 - 108 Riverstone Ridge, Stoney Creek Village
Our Central Clinic is the location of our allied health professional team (nurses, pharmacists, exercise specialists, respiratory therapists, mental health therapists, dietitians, etc.), where we run the vast majority of our Chronic Disease Management and Preventative Care programs. If your physician refers you to a WBPCN program, you will probably be directed to visit us at our Central Clinic.

WBPCN - After Hours Clinic (780-714-2193)

#301 - 108 Riverstone Ridge, Stoneycreek Village 
Our After Hours Clinic is the only walk-in, after hours clinic in Fort McMurray; it is open seven days per week, and provides walk-in access to family physicians.