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Family Practice Nursing

Nurses working alongside Family Physicians

When you next visit your Family Physician, you may see a Nurse as part of your visit.

Since 2008, the WBPCN has been placing both Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses in local Family Practice Clinics to work collaboratively with physicians. Family Practice Nurses (FPNs) conduct pap tests, provide comprehensive pre and post natal care, and also attend to more general health concerns.

FPNs help to increase access to healthcare and to facilitate linkages between different parts of the healthcare system: because FPNs receive their training in a number of locations – the Hospital, the WBPCN Central Clinic Site, and Family Practice Clinics – they are uniquely suited to act as coordinators of care, able to connect patients to the programs and services that best suit their needs.

Over half of the physicians in Fort McMurray currently have Family Practice Nurses working alongside them in their practices. If you have further questions about how FPNs work in Family Practice Clinics in Fort McMurray, please contact us. We'd be happy to discuss the care options available to you and your family in our community.

Looking for a copy of the WBPCN's Pregnancy and Postpartum Community Resource Guide?

To make it easier for our patients to navigate the resources available to them in their pre and post natal journeys, we've assembled a brochure covering the programs and services available in Fort McMurray, and it has proven very popular over the years in our FPN program. If you've had a copy before that you've misplaced, or you're embarking on your first journey now and would like to know what's available in our community, click here to download a copy.