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Chronic Pain Specialist


Consultations for Complex Pain Patients

The WBPCN has partnered with Dr. Robert Hauptman, a Chronic Pain Specialist from Edmonton, to conduct Chronic Pain assessments in Fort McMurray out of our downtown Central Clinic.

Dr. Hauptman travels to Fort McMurray to help patients with the management of pain related to complex medical issues (with the exception of Cancer related pain). After a lengthy consultation with the patient, Dr. Hauptman submits his recommendations to the patient's referring Family Physician, who then assumes the role of the patient's ongoing management. Historically, there has been a 6-8 month waiting list to see Dr. Hauptman. While this wait period is relatively long, the wait time to see a comparable specialist in Edmonton can be between 1-2 years.

Referral Process

Patients must be referred to see Dr. Hauptman by their Family Physician in Fort McMurray. Self-referrals, or referrals from physicians outside of Fort McMurray, are not accepted.