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Pediatric Type I & II Diabetes

Physician Referral Needed

To access this program, you need a referral from a Family Physician. If you do not have a local Family Physician, please browse and contact a doctor on this list of physicians accepting new patients to discuss this program.

The childhood diagnosis of Diabetes can be a shock, both for children and for their families; fortunately, with careful medical management and the adoption of healthy habits, these children can lead vibrant childhoods and adult lives minimally affected by their disease.

How does my child access the program?

Newly diagnosed patients are referred by their family physicians to the WBPCN for care and continued followup; a collaborative team of nurses, pharmacists, diabetes educators, dietitians, social worker, and an exercise specialist all work together to provide seamless care and support for children and their families. Key aspects of the program include local care, educating patients and families, and individualized follow-up. The program also helps to reduce hardships related to travel, as the level of care provided at the WBPCN eliminates much of the need to travel to Edmonton for medical appointments.

Families that have previously traveled to the Stollery in Edmonton for care will be transferred to the PCN for local care. A release of information form is completed and faxed to the PCN and the child’s pediatrician. The PCN will call the family to arrange next appointment. This process is not mandatory. Families may opt to continue travelling to the Stollery for appointments.

Does the WBPCN provide education about Insulin Pumps?

The WBPCN Central Clinic is actually the only clinic in Fort McMurray that is accredited by Alberta Health to initiate patients on Insulin Pumps through the Alberta Health Insulin Pump Therapy Program; our clinicians have experience with a wide variety of pump technology, and keep in close contact with pump manufacturers in order to be an authoritative resource for children and families using insulin pumps. In addition to our 1:1 care, we also regularly host group inservices and invite patients to learn more about the new pump models emerging on the market.

Are there services that extend beyond the WBPCN Clinic?

When requested, our clinicians can conduct inservices with local schools to help educate teachers and/or students about Diabetes.

Type I Diabetes is a genetic auto-immune disorder and cannot be prevented.

The WBPCN also cares for children diagnosed with, or told that they are at risk for, Type II Diabetes (a disease largely caused by lifestyle factors). Talk to your physician about whether your child would benefit from being seen at the WBPCN.