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Gestational Diabetes

Physician Referral Needed

To access this program, you need a referral from a Family Physician. If you do not have a local Family Physician, please browse and contact a doctor on this list of physicians accepting new patients to discuss this program.


Gestational Diabetes is a common condition that can occur during pregnancy; between three and 20 percent of pregnant women will develop it.

Your Family Physician and/or your OB/Gyn will test you for Gestational Diabetes within the first 28 weeks of your pregnancy; if they find that you have Gestational Diabetes, depending on the other elements of your care plan, they may refer you to the Wood Buffalo PCN.

Our Diabetes team (which includes Pharmacists, Registered Dietitians, Nurses, and Certified Diabetes Educators) will help you to manage the condition in the way that works best for you and your pregnancy. Some women will find that specific dietary habits will minimize the effects of Gestational Diabetes, whereas others may need short-term medications for the remainder of their pregnancy to keep their glucose levels controlled.

For more information on Gestational Diabetes, visit the Canadian Diabetes Association's website at