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Weight Wise


​​​​​​​WeightWise workshops are group classes developed by Alberta Health Services to help individuals who are lo​oking to make l​ifestyle changes to find sustainable ways to adopt new habits without resorting to fad diets or quick fixes. Each workshop is roughly 2.5 hours in length. Participation is free, and you can attend as many classes as you would like, but you do need to be first referred by your Family Physician.​​​

Class Descriptions

​​ Getting Started
***Must attend this class first***​​

The Getting S​tarted class introduces patients to the causes and health consequences of Obesity, as well as some of the major strategies that will be discussed in greater detail in late​r classes. Getting Started is a great introduction to the workshop series, and prepares patients to pick and choose the other classes that align with their own unique interests.

Lifestyle Change - A Toolkit for Success

This workshop helps patients to learn how to make, and keep, healthy lifestlye changes. Participants will learn strategies such as prioritizing, journaling, problem solving, thinking skills, and goal setting.

Nutrition: Finding Balance

Finding Balance is all about the role of Calories in Weight Management. Learn about the top 5 ways to lower calories, and practice strategies in class with the help of our trained clinicians.

Moving Matters: Including Physical Activity in Your Day

Explore the benefits of being more active, and some of the common barriers that make it difficult for people to commit to phyiscal activity. We'll teach you some tricks about how to get more physically active, with an emphasis on setting realistic personal activity goals.

Nutrition: The Truth about what works in Weight Management

Join us as we debunk common weight loss myths and learn about the habits and changes that are actually effective in the pursuit of successful weight loss. Patients will learn how to evaluate what they are eating, explore how meal patterns, food choices and portion size affect calorie intake, and learn about the foods that can actually help to manage their weight.

Nutrition: I know I should eat healthy, but How?

This class addresses a problem common to many patients new to the principles of Weight Management; at this point, you have gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition, but need to find ways to put your expertise into practice. In this class, patients will explore the 4 P's: Plan, Purchase, Prepare, and Pack.

Nutrition: Eating Out

Buffets, parties, vacations, and holidays can make healthy eating challenging. This class will teach participants strategies to minimize extra calories when eating away from home and during special occasions.

Minding Stress (two sessions)

Get empowered by learning how to reduce and manage the stress in your life. We'll discuss the hidden costs of stress, explore what causes you to feel stressed, and help you to find new ways to handle it. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of 'Mindful Eating'.

Craving Change (two sessions)

The Craving Change workshop addresses the different reasons why people eat, and provide participants with strategies for coping with emotional eating, and how to feel more in control when you eat. For more information about Craving Change, visit