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Weight Management

Weight Management

Your Health. Your Team. Your Choice.
Because every person has their own unique challenges and goals, we tailor our services to each individual. We encourage our patients to play an active role in designing care plans that work for them; you set the pace that's comfortable for you, and choose which health professionals you want to work with. You can work closely with just one clinician if you'd like, but you also can make the most of our services, and regularly access our entire team.       

Meet the Dietitians

If you want to learn more about nutrition and metabolism, maybe you'd like to start by seeing a Registered Dietitian.

Meet the Exercise Specialist 

If you'd really like to find safe and fun ways to be more physically active, come see our Exercise Specialist; Rajeanne is an HBSc-HKin ACSM-CSEP certified Exercise Specialist.

Meet the Behavioural Therapist

If you're working hard to change your health habits, and need some strategies and support, our Behavioural Therapist can help you to make change that lasts a lifetime.

Looking to get started with your Weight Management Goals?

Learn more about our different Weight Management supports below.







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