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Pediatric Asthma

Physician Referral Needed

To access this program, you need a referral from a Family Physician. If you do not have a local Family Physician, please browse and contact a doctor on this list of physicians accepting new patients to discuss this program.

Asthma Education at the WBPCN

At the Wood Buffalo PCN Central Clinic, a Respiratory Therapist and Pharmacist provide team-based care to pediatric asthma patients, educating them and their families on techniques to manage Asthma, and finding the most effective prescriptions for their condition.

Specialist Consultation with Dr. Zuberbuhler

The WBPCN has partnered with Edmonton-based Dr. Peter Zuberbuhler, a specialist in Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, to provide consultations with pediatric patients here in Fort McMurray who have more complex respiratory care needs.

Dr. Zuberbuhler assesses and monitors children with asthma and other respiratory conditions, and develops recommendations for their ongoing management, which is delivered by the patient's Family Physician, Pediatrician, and the WBPCN Lung Wellness Team.