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Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Not just treating, but preventing disease
Healthcare is always evolving; we are not only improving our treatments for disease, we are also deepening our understanding of the causes, and how to predict and prevent these problems long before they occur.

Accordingly, while many know of the WBPCN for our Chronic Disease programs - every year, we provide care to thousands of people living with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Chronic Pain, and other ailments - in recent years we have been placing a greater and greater focus on preventative care and health promotion. We want to make health, not illness, primary.

Supports for anyone looking to live a healthier life
Our Health Promotion services are dedicated to keeping people healthy, in our clinic and in the community at large. This is a mode of care not defined by medications and by surgeries, but rather by a detailed look at lifestyle and habits, a whole-person approach that encourages people to design their own health goals and values.