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Community Consultations

Community Consultations


Our Community, Guiding our Direction

In Spring 2017, we will be inviting local non-profit leaders and other members of community-oriented organizations to our Central Clinic to participate in our second series of Community Consultations.

As a healthcare organization, The Wood Buffalo PCN initiates many of its services and programs in response to emerging best practice in evidence based medicine, and trends which we have observed in our community's health at an epidemiological level (e.g. we dedicate considerable resources to Diabetes Management, because Fort McMurray has a Diabetes prevalence much higher than the provincial average). However, not all programming decisions can be made using the lens of statistics and science alone - we must also align our services with the unique characteristics of our community. Accordingly, in order to to update our services to meet new scientific standards, we consult medical research; to serve our region, however, we consult our community.

Every three years, the WBPCN revisits its business plan to ensure that our direction and our programming is in alignment with the shifting needs of our region. Our first Community Consultations were held in 2014, and proved invaluable to our work over the past three years. As a result of feedback gathered during our last series of consultations, we launched:

  • Rural Outreach Services, sending clinicians into the outlying communities of Anzac, Janvier, Fort McKay, Fort Chipewyan, and Gregoire First Nations.
  • Pediatric Pulmonology, which brings a Pediatric Lung Specialist to Fort McMurray once a month to visit children with lung issues
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation for patients with COPD, a highly effective but rare program that is unavailable to 99% of other COPD patients who live elsewhere in Canada
  • Dermatology Services, which brings a Dermatologist to our After Hours Clinic once per month to see patients with skin conditions that would otherwise require them to travel to Edmonton for care.

Your feedback is always welcome, now more than ever

Our formal Community Consultations are designed as invite-only sessions to ensure that we can efficiently gather high-level input from the social profit leaders in our community who also spend all of their time working with the vulnerable members of our population. These are fast-paced sessions that occur over two days, and they focus primarily on aggregate community trends and inter-organizational data sharing.

However, these sessions are not the only source of feedback that informs our business planning process. Every year, we receive hundreds of emails, facebook messages, and survey responses from the general public that help us to refine our perspective and to think of new ways in which we can continue to serve our community. If you have thoughts about how our Primary Care system might better serve those living in Fort McMurray and the broader Wood Buffalo region, but are not affiliated with a social-profit or other organization closely integrated with our community, we still want to hear from you. Please, take the time to send us a message using the form below - we closely read every message we receive, and bring them to our management team for review and consideration.