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Diabetes Management

At 6.7%, the prevalence of Diabetes in Alberta's North Zone is the highest in the province.

Diabetes is a serious health concern for thousands of residents of Fort McMurray; it is a chronic condition that requires a lifetime of attentiveness and care. The WBPCN Diabetes program is one of the WBPCN's largest programs, and it offers not only comprehensive follow-up care (foot exams, eye exams, specialist consultations, etc.), but also a wide variety of other services that help patients to maintain adequate physical activity, nutrition, and medication. With those four pillars in place, patients with Diabetes can live long and fulfilling lives, minimally affected by their condition.

The Diabetes program is open to patients who have Diabetes (gestational, type I, or type II) and to those who are at risk for Diabetes. Once enrolled in the program, patients have access to an interdisciplinary health care team comprised of a registered nurse, certified diabetes educator, dietitian, pharmacist, exercise specialist, mental health coordinator, nephrologist, and endocrinologist.

If you have a family physician in Fort McMurray, you are already a patient of the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network; the Diabetes program is conducted in collaboration with all of the family physicians in Fort McMurray.

Book an appointment with your doctor to discuss if a referral to the WBPCN Diabetes Program would be a good addition to your unique care plan.