Mental Health Resources

Anxiety and Depression Group Class Materials

Class 1

Anxiety and Depression Group Contract

Behavioural Activation Worksheet

Morning Questions

Self-Care Wheel


Class 2

Core Beliefs

Day 2 Magic Moments

Interpersonal Information Sheet - Coping With Stress

Sleep Hygiene

Thinking Traps

Class 3

Challenging Negative Thinking

Daily Mood Chart

Thought Challenging Form

Wheel of Emotions

Class 4

The Three Minute Breathing Space

Distress Tolerance Skills

Generalised Anxiety Information Sheet

What is Distress Intolerance?

Class 5

Positive Self-Talk

What Are Panic Attacks?

Tapping Points

Intro-Emotional Freedom Technique

Class 6

Social Support

Setting Boundries

Assertive Communication

Class 7

Get Active Questionnaire

Exercise and Depression Toolkit

AHS - Exercise and Depression

Eating Influences

Healthy You Personal Journal

Food and Mood Food Fact Sheet

Canadian Food Guide

Energy Ball Recipe

What Are You Hungry For?

Class 8

Depression Worksheet

Keeping Your Balance: Self-Monitoring For Relapse Prevention

Various mental health resources that can provide help when you need it.

Paul Stays Home - an illustrated book about COVID-19 for children

AHS - Taking Charge of What You Can: A COVID-19 Toolkit

AHS - Help In Tough Times

AHS - Text4Hope - Text COVID19HOPE to 393939

How To Talk To Your Kids About Coronavirus

Online Programs For Children With Anxiety

Coping Skills For Kids

Anxiety Canada

Stop, Breathe, & Think

How To Recognize Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Challenging Negative Thinking

Calm Breathing

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

AHS - Dr. Mitchell - Mental Wellness Moments

Canadian Mental Health Association

Some Other Solutions Online Drop-In Mindfulness Group. Click

  • or call 780-743-8605
  • 24/7 Crisis Line - 780-743-HELP (4357)

Waypoints - Family Violence/Sexual Trauma

  • Family Violence Crisis Line - 780-743-1190
  • Sexual Trauma Support Line - 780-791-6708

AHS - Wood Buffalo Addictions and Mental Health Services - 339 Power Drive - 780-793-8360


  • Providing services virtually
  • Sexual Health Presentations (private link via YouTube)
  • Safer Substance Use Presentations (private link via YouTube)
  • Opioid Awareness Presentation (private link via YouTube)
  • Over the phone addiction counselling
  • 587-202-0997
  • or 780-882-4056
  • 587-202-0997
  • Codom delivery to doorsteps
  • Naloxone Kit delivery

Daily @ 2pm Zoom meeting for mental health & recovery "Coffee House"

Email Macki (Northreach Educator) for YouTube links: