Seniors Care

Telegeriatric Assessments
Physician Referral Required

To access this program, you need a referral from a family physician. If you do not have a local family physician, visit Alberta Find A Doctor to search physicians accepting new patients.

Geriatric Consultations in Fort McMurray

While the senior citizens in our community can address many of their care needs with their family physicians, some conditions and concerns do benefit from the involvement of a specialist known as a geriatrician, a physician that specializes in the care of elderly patients. Geriatric​​ians have a unique understanding of the illnesses and challenges that can be associated with aging, and can work closely with family physicians to screen for conditions like Alzheimer’s, and to make recommendations for the patient’s future care plan.

Our Telegeriatric Assessments program prevents the need for patients to travel to Edmonton to consult with a geriatrician. First, our nurses meet with patients and their families at our Central Clinic, conducting a thorough assessment, taking a detailed medical history, and screening for the presence of any difficulties in the patient’s daily activities. They may also coordinate additional testing at the hospital, which could consist of diagnostic imaging and other screening tests.

After the initial visit has been completed, a second session will be booked at our Fort McMurray Central Clinic for the patient and their family to consult remotely over Telehealth – a secure form of video-conferencing – with an Edmonton-based geriatrician. The geriatrician will then connect with the patient’s family physician to discuss their recommendations for the patient’s future care.

How To Access

If you believe that either you or a loved one could benefit from a Telegeriatric Assessment with a geriatrician, talk to your family physician or contact the Wood Buffalo PCN.