Programs & Services

What is Primary Care?

Most people think of primary care as the care that they receive from their regular family physician. While that’s true, it doesn’t tell the whole story of primary care here in Fort McMurray. The Wood Buffalo PCN conducts a number of specialized primary care programs that function as extensions of your physician’s clinic. Our clinicians (nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, mental health therapists, respiratory therapists, and exercise specialists) work together with local family physicians to deliver comprehensive health care from the right provider at the right time. Together, physicians and their team of PCN allied health professionals form a single medical home – a group of care providers that know your story, and can craft a care plan tailored to your unique needs.

How do I access a PCN program?

To learn more about the programs and services that we offer, explore the topics below. As long as you have a family physician here in Fort McMurray, you are already considered a patient of the Wood Buffalo PCN. If you think you’d benefit from one of our services, meet with your doctor to discuss how the PCN might fit in with your care plan goals. Because PCN services are provided as an extension of the care you receive from your family practice clinic, most of our programs do require a referral from your family physician.

Due to unavoidable circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wood Buffalo PCN After Hours Clinic is temporarily closed.
Programs relating to basic health care.
Invite Our Health Professionals to Visit Your Group
Programs relating to the management of Diabetes.
The Heart & Stroke Program is open to patients who have a history of cardiovascular disease and to those who are at risk.
The Lung Wellness program is open to patients who have a history of lung disease as well as...
Anyone going through a rough period in their lives can benefit from mental health supports - our mental health therapists
Programs related to rehabilitation care
Our Telegeriatric Assessments program prevents the need for patients to travel to Edmonton to consult with...
Because every person has their own unique challenges and goals, we tailor our services to each individual...
We offer a Women's Health Check program, which provides pap test screenings for...