Community Engagement

Invite Our Health Professionals to Visit Your Group

While the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network maintains many clinical programs dedicated to providing care to patients within our clinics, community engagement is also a key priority for us, as education and engagement is an integral part of preventative medicine.

Over the years, we have conducted many seminars, Q&A sessions, grocery store tours, and cooking workshops for local businesses and community groups in Fort McMurray. We also participate regularly in community events like trade shows and wellness fairs. If your group has an interest in healthy living and would like to learn more from our health professionals, contact us.

We are a non-profit healthcare organization – community engagement is part of our mandate. As long as we have capacity to attend your event without affecting our clinical operations and scheduled patients, we are able to offer these sessions at no cost to interested groups in our community.

How To Request an Inservice

Please contact us providing the following details:

Let us know if you are interested in meeting a certain type of clinician. Our team includes dietitians, nurses, certified diabetes educators, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, mental health therapists, and exercise specialists.

Subject Matter
Do you have an interest in a particular aspect of health? Perhaps nutrition, disease prevention, women’s health, or exercise? If one of our clinicians has expertise in the subject that your group is interested in, we will gladly explore other options proposed by your group as well.

Potential Dates & Times
Typically, we book our Community Inservices a month or more in advance, as we run a number of busy clinics and cannot entertain short-notice events. Our clinicians’ schedules will have already been booked with in-clinic patient visits. It is typically easier for us to book daytime sessions during the work week, however, if another time works better for your group, please let us know and we will try to make it work.

We are open to inservice requests from groups within both Fort McMurray and the outlying communities of Wood Buffalo.

Our team is passionate about engaging with our community, both in and outside of our clinics. If your group or workplace is thinking of arranging a wellness event, or just want to learn more about staying healthy or getting fit, let us know – we would love to be involved.