Central Clinic

Home of The Multidisciplinary Team

Our Central Clinic is the main location of our multidisciplinary team – a team of health professionals with different specializations who all work together to provide care.

For patients, this means that if they need to see a pharmacist and a dietitian, for example, they’ll not only have access to both at the same place, the two clinicians will also discuss their care plans and how to best align their advice with the patient’s needs. Instead of having to visit different providers working in different organizations in different clinics across the city, they can access one clinic and develop a relationship with one team.

Currently our team consists of dietitians, pharmacists, nurses, an exercise specialist, mental health therapists, and a respiratory therapist, all led by the family physicians of Fort McMurray. We also regularly welcome visiting specialists such as endocrinologists, nephrologists, respirologists, dermatologists and more who work with our team to provide specialized care for patients with complex needs.

The Hub of Wood Buffalo PCN Programming

A large number of the Wood Buffalo PCN’s core programs are delivered out of the clinic space in our Central Clinic. If you’re not familiar with our programs, visit our programs page.

Home of The Wood Buffalo PCN Management

The WB PCN’s management offices are located in the Central Clinic. If you are looking to speak with our administration, you are more than welcome to direct your inquiry to the Central Clinic.

Contact Information

The Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network
Telephone: (780) 714-2193
Fax: (780) 714-6091
Email: info@wbpcn.ca
Address: 301-108 Riverstone Ridge
Located in Stoneycreek Village in Timberlea